ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

COVID-19 Update

It seems like vaccinations are picking up. More and more of our guests and members are posting on social media that they are getting inoculated. Given the current rate of vaccination (currently ~35% of NC, SC and VA have already received at least one dose), we are expecting to hold the convention in person… or, at least expect the hotel to hold us to our contract, thus forcing us to hold the con, barring any changes.

We are watching the progress closely. If the con were held today, the hotel would likely attempt to move us across the street to the Benton Convention Center (which they own), where they could host our standard membership numbers in a larger venue, thus meeting the state’s capacity limits. Having said that – there is no guarantee that will happen in July.

Based on the above, we are recommending everyone who can get vaccinated, do so. It is the best way we can ensure everyone remains safe. Even so, we are still expecting NC to still require masks, and other safety precautions.

As always, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will be making a final decision on the convention as we get a bit closer to the summer.

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