Hawaiian Shirt Friday (Memorial)

Each year, Congregate remembers contributors that we have lost from the science fiction and fantasy world. The tradition began in memory of Aaron Allston, who was well known for his love of Hawaiian shirts.

We encourage everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Friday, July 17 in honor of:

  • Yoshio Kobayashi, translator/editor
  • Cameron Boyce, actor
  • Rip Torn, actor
  • Rutger Hauer, actor
  • J. Neil Schulman, author
  • Robert N. Stephenson, editor/author
  • Barry Hughart, author
  • Rick Loomis, game designer/publisher
  • Brad Linaweaver, author
  • Terrance Dicks, writer
  • Tony E. Finkelstein, dealer/publisher
  • Aron Eisenberg, actor
  • J.A. Pitts, author
  • Katherine MacLean, author
  • Sid Haig, actor
  • Michael Blumlein, author
  • John Weatherspoon, actor
  • Virginia Leith, actor
  • Gahan Allen Wilson, artist
  • Dorothy Catherine "DC" Fontana, writer/story editor
  • René Auberjonois, actor
  • Andrew Weiner, author
  • Ian Covell, writer/editor
  • Alasdair Gray, author
  • Syd Mead, artist
  • Mike Resnick, author
  • Neil Peart, lyricist/writer/musician
  • Stan Kirsch, actor
  • Christopher Tolkien, editor
  • Steve Stiles, artist
  • Terry Jones, writer/actor
  • Kirk Douglas, actor
  • Orson Bean, actor
  • Max von Sydow, actor
  • Earl Kemp, editor
  • Aly Parsons, writer/fan
  • Paul Barnett (John Grant), writer
  • Allen Bellman, artist
  • Lyle Waggoner, actor
  • John "Admiral Kris" Halvorson, fan
  • Andrew Jack, actor/dialect coach
  • Alberto Uderzo, artist/scriptwriter

Hawaiian Shirt picture