ConGregate Writers Workshop Series

Space is limited for these workshops!

ConGregate will host a variety of writing workshops and seminars taught by Allen L. Wold, Chris Kennedy and Michael A. Stackpole (2017 Arizona State Writer in Residence).

Allen Wold and Chris Kennedy's workshops will be free to anyone with a valid convention badge. To register ahead of time for Allen or Chris's Workshops, please drop Tera Fulbright an email.


Michael Stackpole


Chris Kennedy


Allen Wold

Michael Stackpole's workshops can be purchased ahead of time for $75.00 for the entire series (through June 30), or for $10 per session at the door (prices do not include your convention membership). Space is limited.

Workshop Descriptions


Allen’s Regionally Famous Workshop: Allen has been providing conventions with his workshop for many years. Joined by established authors, he provides a safe, creative environment to practice writing. New and established writers can benefit from this workshop.

Plotting: Allen Wold’s plotting workshop teaches you the elements of plot. What is it? How do you do it? And how does it interact with other aspects of writing such as characters and dialogue?


Successful Indie Publishing: Bringing Your Book to Market: So you have the novel what?  Publisher Chris Kennedy walks you through how to navigate the intricacies of independent publishing, from start to finish, showing you what to do and what to avoid in order to bring your book to market and become a successful self-published author. 


Foundation for Success: New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole will walk you through all the things you want to consider before you sit down to begin your writing career. This will cover everything from how to plan projects, how to make time for writing and the plethora of mistakes writers make which hold them back from becoming the best writers they can be.

*Worldbuilding 101: Readers come to fiction for escape, and they love diving into alien world which are far more fantastic and titanic than our own. New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole will walk you through the key elements of making sure your world has the depth readers crave. He cover the basics from geography and history—the stuff you missed skipping class in Middle School—and then show you how to work religion, culture, non-human races, magick and technology into a cohesive whole which will allow your readers to get lost in the worlds of your making.

*Characterization: Characters are king in literature and New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole brings you a toolbox full of techniques to create compelling and memorable characters. Readers read for and remember characters, and after this course, yours will be unforgettable, which will keep them coming back for more.

Finding The Story: New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole takes you through a series of exercises that will let you build a story from the barest spark through twists and turns. He’ll give you several story recipes and show you how you can work from them to create delightfully complex and engrossing stories.

*Cooking Up Conflict: Conflict is the engine of all stories, and too many of them fail to use conflict to its full potential. New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole will walk you through the various types of conflict and provide you a toolkit that will allow you to shape individual stories or build them into an on running saga.You’ll learn whole new ways to approach your stories during the design phase, and how to kick them into a higher-energy orbit when they run out of steam.

21 Days To A Novel: New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole presents his three week program for preparing yourself to write a novel. This set of 21 exercises is broken down to give you everything from character creation to world building, practical plotting devices, dialogue development and character voice creation tools. This program is a practical, kick-in-the-pants place to start your career.

*Story Design: New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole unravels the mysteries of creating compelling plots. A novel is a huge undertaking, written over weeks or months, and the plot has to hold it all together. From creating an outline to maintaining flexibility, this seminar gives you the insider knowledge that will separate you from all of your peers.

Making It Work: New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole will walk you through the finer details of making certain your story will work, including secrets that create bestselling novels, tools for keeping the novel flowing and ways to pull it all together when it seems to have gotten out of hand or, worse yet, slowed down and threatens to die. If you’ve ever had a project run off the rails, this will help you get back on track and going again.

*Classes marked with an asterisk will focus on a world created in the classes, with that world being co-owned by all the students.