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Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones first developed an interest in acting in Middle and High School. This fed his passion for movies and television. At UNCG, he developed both his writing and acting skills. In 1999, he joined the cast of the Carolina Renaissance Festival, where he remained for over 15 years, with the last six years of his tenure in the role of King Edward. He departed from the Festival to focus on independent films, first with a featured role in the award-winning horror short, Between Hell and a Hard Place by Jaysen Buterins, then starring in the horror thriller, Silent Breath, directed by Josh Mabe. He then starred the Maine Genius film, Dark Trepidation 2.

Currently, he is directing and starring in Dark Trepidation 3, currently in production. Later this year he will be starring in Silent Breath 2: Deadly Whispers directed by Josh Mabe.