ConGregate 10

Statement on Community Health

At ConGregate, we take the health of the members of our community very seriously. While we can’t force you to follow the 6-2-1 rule each day - get at least 6 hours of sleep, eat a minimum of 2 meals, and engage in one full round personal hygiene (showers, brushing teeth, using deodorant, etc.) - we do highly recommend it. 

We can also offer other ways to help:

  1. We have, since our very first year, offered individually packaged drinks and snacks in the ConSuite (no large bowls of chips).
  2. We are suggesting that folks find creative ways to greet each other, that maybe doesn’t involve shaking hands with several dozen con attendees.
  3. Cleaning your hands in never a bad idea - particularly in the ConSuite.
  4. We may have specific rules around COVID-19.


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