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Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a North Carolina native who knew he wanted to write ever since he was seven years old. He began his career by contributing articles to such comics-themed magazines as Alter Ego, Back Issue and Comic Book Marketplace. Over the years, he has also contributed to such pop culture publications as Filmfax, Hogan's Alley, Monster Memories, Monster News, Retro Fan and Scary Monsters Magazine.

Dan got started writing comics when he began submitting gags to the comic strips Dennis the Menace and Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!  Dan’s first graphic novel, Herc and Thor, was published by Antarctic Press. Shortly after the release of that book, he began writing for Campfire Graphic Novels. His books for that company include adaptations of Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist and The Jungle Book (which was nominated for a 2011 Comic Con India Award for Best Children’s Publication) and the original graphic novel, Sinbad: The Legacy.  

In 2013, Dan helped to found Empire Comics Lab and currently serves as the editor and head writer for Cemetery Plots, the company’s premiere anthology title. In 2018, Dan also helped to found Golden Kid Comics, a publishing company devoted to creating all-ages comic books and online learning materials for children. He has also contributed stories to InDELLible’s Popular Comics and ACP’s Forbidden Gallery.

A lifelong horror fan, Dan has also branched out from comics and written host segments for such horror series as Billy Bobb’s Killer B’s, Dr.Gangrene’s Creature Features and Chiller Cinema. He has also written film scripts for 2 Portagees Productions, including Blood Drive and Blood Drive: The Short Film, and Serrano Studios, including Fright Force 2021 and the short film, Wolf Soldier.