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Dan Sellers

Dan Sellers is the president of Wreak Havoc Productions, LLC, a small film production company in Greensboro.  Dan has written, produced and directed such short films as Uncle Otto's Truck, based on a story by Stephen King, along with the true crime documentary, Trouble Will Cause, and the horror shorts, Midnight Shift and Countdown to Midnight.  Dan has also made several feature films including, Hank vs. The Undead and the documentary, Sammie the Comic Book Man.  Dan is currently in various stages of production on new projects.  

Dan is also the Director of the Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival, an international showcase for shorts and feature films throughout the horror genre, returning to RED Cinemas for its sixth year, this fall.  In addition to filmmaking and the film fest, Dan is also the co-host of the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast, along with producing partner, Sammie Cassell.  Dan serves as the producer and host of The Carolina Haints Podcast which recently wrapped its third season.  Sellers and writing partner, Jeffrey Cochran are in the process of expanding the show into the upcoming Carolina Haints book.