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Daphne Reeder

Daphne Reeder has been a creative force from a very young age. Beginning at the age of 5, she’s been on television programs on WTVI, in plays & stage performances, and modeled: both in front of a camera and on the runway. She has always enjoyed the freedom of dressing up, and became an accomplished cosplayer by the time she was 17. Since then, she has added to her arsenal of outfits to cross multiple genres, though her passions are sci-fi/fantasy and horror. She has modeled for multiple events and has been on posters and flyers around the Charlotte, South Carolina, and Atlanta areas.

Ms. Reeder is not only a cosplayer and model, but she's also a talented actress; She was in the recently released Sick Chick Flicks horror film "Blood of the Mummy." Ms Reeder has graced the screens of many a film festival and was selected to join the cast of "Dusk", a supernatural series that can now be seen on Avail TV. The mind behind Drache Media Films, an independent film company that focuses on the sci-fi and horror genres, Ms Reeder has several projects in the works, including a series of horror films with Sick Chick Flicks.

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