July 9-11, 2021 | Downtown Marriott | Winston-Salem, NC

DSC Bylaws

Section 1. Paragraph 1. The DeepSouthCon is an unincorporated literary society whose functions are to choose the locations and committees of the annual DeepSouth Science Fiction Convention (hereinafter referred to as the DSC); to attend the DSC; and to perform such other activities as may be necessary or incidental to these purposes.

Section 1. Paragraph 2. The membership of DSC shall consist of (A) anyone paying the membership fee established by the current DSC committee, or (B) anyone upon whom the current DSC committee confers a complimentary membership. Only members attending the DSC will have voting privileges and each person shall have one vote. Absentee and proxy votes are not allowed. An optional class of non-voting supporting membership may be established by the current DSC committee for persons who wish to receive DSC publications but cannot attend the convention and participate in the business meeting.

Section 1. Paragraph 3. No part of DSC's net earnings shall be paid to its members, officers, or other private persons except in furtherance of the DSC's purposes. The DSC shall not attempt to influence legislation or any political campaign for public office. Should the DSC dissolve, its assets shall be distributed by the current DSC committee or the appropriate court having jurisdiction exclusive for charitable purposes.

Section 1. Paragraph 4. A DeepSouthCon committee may present such awards as it deems appropriate. The traditional awards given out by the DSC are the Rebel Award for fannish activity and the Phoenix Award for professional science fiction and fantasy activity. Should a DSC choose to award the Rebel and/or Phoenix, the following guidelines shall be followed:

a. The Rebel award is given to one or more science fiction fans who have, at some point, resided in the south (as defined in section 2, paragraph 2) or whose fannish activities have contributed to southern fandom in a positive way.

b. The Phoenix award is given to one or more science fiction or fantasy professionals who have, at some point, resided in the south; whose professional work reflects on the south in a positive way; or who have demonstrated friendship with Southern fandom through support of regional fan activities.

c. Either award may be given posthumously.

d. Rebel and Phoenix awards are considered lifetime achievement awards, therefore no individual shall be given the same award a second time. However, a past winner of either award may also win the other award, as long as they meet the criteria outlined in subparagraphs (a) and (b).

Section 2. Paragraph 1. The voting membership of DSC shall choose the location and committee of the DSC to be held in the calendar year two years after the current DSC. Voting shall be by ballot cast at the current DSC. Counting of all votes shall be the responsibility of the DSC committee, using the preferential ballot system as it is used in site selection voting for the World Science Fiction Convention.

Section 2. Paragraph 2. A committee shall be listed on the ballot if it submits to the current DSC, by 6:00 PM on Friday of the current DSC, the following: a list of committee officers, a contract or letter of agreement with a facility adequate to hold the DSC, and a statement that the committee agrees to abide by these rules. A committee may bid any site in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. A site shall be ineligible if it is within one hundred (100) miles of the site at which selection occurs, unless the site is the only bid submitted to the administering committee.*

Section 2. Paragraph 3. DSC Members in attendance at the DSC Business Meeting will be asked to leave contact information. In the event that a DSC should be cancelled, the members who were present to select that DSC shall be polled by the remaining seated DSC to determine whether they would like to select a replacement DSC for that year. Each DSC shall be furnished with this contact list for both their selection and the other seated DSC. The members shall be polled electronically and a simple majority of the respondents will pass the proposal. In the event that the membership declines to select a replacement DSC and a DSC is held before the cancelled convention, selection of a replacement DSC may be moved at the business meeting of that seated DSC. 

Section 3. Paragraph 1. Any proposal to amend this constitution shall require two-thirds vote of all the votes cast on the question at the DSC meeting held at two successive DSCs.

Section 3. Paragraph 2. DSC meetings shall be held at advertised times at each DSC. The current DSC committee shall provide the Presiding officer for each meeting. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, and any Standing Rules the meeting shall adopt.

Section 3. Paragraph 3. The DSC constitution shall be published in the program book of each DSC. Any amendments eligible for ratification at the DSC shall also be published in the program book.


*DSC 59 Location > Winston-Salem Marriott