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Gary Mitchel

Gary Mitchel is a writer, reviewer, geek blogger, voice actor, gamer, sf/fantasy fan, comics reader, podcaster and International Man of Mystery (who's too dangerous for the entire country of Canada) currently living near Atlanta. 

He is co-host, with Deanna Toxopeus, of the Parsec Award nominated RevolutionSF RevCast, and co-host/Producer of RevNews podcast; a part of the ESO Podcast network. He is also co-host, with Michael French & Michael Falkner, of Who's the Doctor: Talking Outside the Box, a video and audio podcast celebrating the Doctor Who universe, a part of the RetroBlasting Network. Gary has also appeared on The ESO Podcast, Needless Things, The Shoreleave Podcast, The Batcave Podcast, Prime Direction, The Chronic Rift, Storm of Words, The White Rocket Podcast, Shauncastic, and The Saturday B Movie Reel podcasts, among many others. He can be found on the Facebook and followed on the Twitter as @Gary_Mitchel (and yes Star Trek fans, it's his real name).

Gary is the Co-Director, with Joe Crowe, of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at DragonCon. He is also the Co-Director of Otherworlds Programing at WHOlanta with Darrin Bush. At these conventions, he has discussed Sci-Fi TV, zombies, movies, zombies, cartoons, comics and zombies. Some attendees have stated that he is "hilarious," and Gary swears that said people are not related to him.