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Patrick Dugan

Patrick Dugan was born in the far north of New York, where the cold winds blow. This meant lots of time for reading over the long winters. His parents didn't care what he read as long as he did and thus Patrick started with a steady diet of comics and science fiction novels.

His debut novel, Storm Forged, winner of the 2019 Imadjinn Award for best Sci-Fi novel, was published by Falstaff Books in May of 2018. The follow up novel, Unbreakable Storm was released May 2019. Book 3, Storm Shattered, is being released in May 2020. Fate & Flux, a steampunk adventure, was released by Distracted Dragon Press in August 2019. The follow-up, Of Cogs & Conjuring will be released in March 2020.

He is also the Director of Technology Services for Author’s Essentials providing technology solutions and advice for writing professionals. Patrick blogs on the uses of technologies and how to apply them to the writing process. He delves into software, hardware, social media, and all things web related.

Patrick resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he’s a gamer, homebrewer, and DIYer.