ConGregate 10

Photography & Videography Policy

  1. While photography and videography are generally allowed in all convention spaces and the hotel lobby, photography, or videography may be prohibited at certain events or in specific areas. These will be identified by signs, announcements, or notations in the panel descriptions in the program book, as appropriate. For most panels and events, flash photography & videography is discouraged - and frankly, not very useful (your phone's light has a very short distance). We recommend that that you assume someone on the hall will be shooting a video of the event. Violating the photography & videography rules can result in your removal from the area or event.
  2. Photographers and videographers may not block walkways or emergency exits with their equipment. Backdrops may not be put up in any convention space without the permission of the convention.
  3. You must ask for permission before you take a person’s picture or record them, and take any no’s you receive with good grace.