ConGregate 10

Convention Membership

ConGregate is not a ticketed event. Money paid to attend the convention goes toward becoming a member of the convention.  All members are required to have a convention membership badge issued by ConGregate at the event. 


ConGregate Registration


Pre-registration ended on June 30

At the Door Rates

(Costs do not include SAGA)

At the Door Weekend Rates *

Date you registerAdultStudentYouth
Friday (7/12)$55.00$45.00$40.00
Saturday (7/13)$45.00$35.00$30.00
Sunday (7/14)$15.00$10.00$5.00
Friday ONLY$35.00$25.00$20.00

We use a prorated weekend rate, instead of one day rates. If you can only attend on Friday, we do offer a special rate for that day only, as an exception.

Registration Hours

Location: Hearn Foyer

  • Friday: 10am - 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am - 5pm
  • Sunday: 9am - 12:00pm 

Registration Policies

  1. Everyone needs a badge to attend the convention.
  2. Regardless of how you register, ConGregate requires that you provide your real name.  An alias can be used on your badge, but our database must have your real name associated with it. Anyone who provides false information to the convention may be asked to leave the con, without a refund.
  3. Registration is for the convention as a whole, and is not tied to any specific events or guests. 
  4. By registering for the convention, you agree to abide by the rules of the con.
  5. Specific rules may apply regarding COVID-19
  6. We are not able to offer refunds on registrations. 
  7. If you cannot attend, registrations can be transferred to another individual, or to the following year - but only during the pre-reg period (ending July 3). Simply send us an email from the email account you used when you registered.  Registrations may only be transferred one time.
  8. Memberships may not be shared (for example if you attend on Friday and give it to someone else on Saturday). A shared badge will become invalid.
  9. Badges are not mailed. All badges are picked up at the convention registration desk. 
  10. Your PayPal notification should be saved - it is your receipt. If you do not receive a notification from PayPal, please contact us as soon as possible.
  11. To prevent someone from stealing your badge, we request that you present a valid id to pick up your badge.
  12. Children under 8 years of age will still need a badge, even though there is no cost for them to attend. Please drop us an email to register your child(ren) at