July 10-12, 2015 Radisson Hotel High Point, North Carolina


Comments from our 2014 convention...

ConGregate was awesome!

- Larry Corriea

It was a delightful Con. You guys did an amazing job! 

- Faith Hunter

-Run smoothly
-Family friendly
-Professional yet fan-accessible

Well done.

 - Danny Birt

Awesome event! 

- Gail Z Martin, Guest

About Us

ConGregate is a science fiction and fantasy convention, organized by a group of highly experienced convention runners. The members of our committee have extensive experience working with a number of conventions, including RavenCon, ConCarolinas, StellarCon, Trinoc-coN and DragonCon. 

What Makes Us Different

We plan to host a fair amount of interactive programming, in addition to traditional programming like panel discussions, gaming, concerts, a costume contest and a charity auction. This allows the fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans.

Guests Marcia Colette and Nicole Given Kurtz

Featured Guests

Timothy Zahn

Michael Stackpole

Albin Johnson

Writer Guest of Honor

Writer Guest of Honor

Fan Guest of Honor

Scott Rorie

Faith Hunter Valentine Wolfe

Special Artist Guest

Special Literary Guest Special Musical Guests

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