ConGregate 5

What is ConGregate?

ConGregate is a completely volunteer run, speculative fiction convention held in the Greensboro metro area of North Carolina.

We host a fair amount of interactive programming, in addition to traditional programming (like panel discussions, gaming, concerts, a costume contest and charity events). The interactive nature of our con allows fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans. In other words, we're a lot more than just a large exhibit hall filled with vendors and guests.

Guest of Honor

Eric Flint
NY Times best selling author of the 1632 series

ADA Accommodations

ConGregate will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for with those with special needs and/or requests. Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Richard Sarner, with your requests.

Hawaiian Shirt Friday

Each year, Congregate remembers contributors that we have lost from the science fiction and fantasy world. The tradition began in memory of Aaron Allston, who was well known for his love of Hawaiian shirts. We encourage everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Friday, July 12. 


Program Book

You can get a copy of the program book in PDF format here.

Pre-reg Ending

Pre-registration ends on June 30! 

Reg now, if you haven't already.


The schedule is now posted (though it might still be subject to some changes)

Food Options

Your food options at he hotel are posted here: FOOD

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