ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

COVID-19 Advisory

ConGregate implementing safety measures based on direction from the hotel, the state of North Carolina and other government agencies, as well as guidance set forth by health officials. We expect that, while somewhat diminished, there will still be a risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where interaction with the general public happens. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Everyone at ConGregate will be required to follow all safety instructions while in the convention spaces. We take the safety and well-being of everyone involved with ConGregate seriously, and all safety measures in place will be designed with that in mind.

By attending ConGregate 7 & DeepSouthCon 59, you will voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. We highly recommend getting vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to July - that is, by far, your best defense against COVID-19.

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What is ConGregate?

ConGregate is a completely volunteer run, speculative fiction convention held in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina.

We host a fair amount of interactive programming, in addition to traditional programming (like panel discussions, concerts, a costume contest and charity events). The interactive nature of our con allows fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans. In other words, we're a lot more than just a large exhibit hall filled with vendors and guests.

For more information, use the navigation bar at the top of this page, or simply drop us an email.

Guests of Honor

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Michael A.


Other Featured Guests:

DeepSouthCon (DSC)

We will be hosting DeepSouthCon 59 (DSC) in 2021. You can find out more information about DSC here.

ADA Accommodations

ConGregate will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for with those with special needs and/or requests. Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Richard Sarner, with your requests as soon as possible. We sometimes need time to work through the logistics of trying to fulfill requests.

Hawaiian Shirt Friday

Each year, Congregate remembers contributors that we have lost from the science fiction and fantasy world. The tradition began in memory of Aaron Allston, who was well known for his love of Hawaiian shirts. We encourage everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Friday, July 9, 2021. 

Greg's News


It's here... it's still getting a few adjustments... but it's ready for viewing.

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Announcing the ConGregate "I Got the Shot" Sweepstakes

COVID safety

Yes, it's happening. Yes, it's in person. And, yes, we will have some masking requirements for the convention - you will probably want to read those.

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Stackpole Seminars

Michael A. Stackpole will be conducting a series of writing seminars at ConGregate. 

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