ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

COVID-19 Safety Rules

The following rules will very likely be in place during the convention (unless something unexpected occurs).

COVID-19 Safety Rules

1. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently *

2. Try to maintain a safe distance from other people, whenever possible (please do not block walk spaces)

3. Guest speakers may remove their masks if they are on a panel (or other event) if social distancing can be maintained

4. Face coverings need to be worn in the following situations:

  • When moving from area of the con space to another area of the space
  • When a minimum distance of 6’ cannot be maintained (in most ballrooms, for example)
  • When not actively eating or drinking in the ConSuite
  • You are also free to wear your mask any other time you wish to have it on (like, say, in the elevators)

5. If your costumes includes a face covering (like a Mando helmet), you do not need a mask underneath. You will need to socially distance yourself before taking it off and putting on a mask.  

6. Hand sanitizer will be available on the food and beverage tables in the ConSuite. We ask that use it prior to picking up anything.

* We plan to place hand sanitizer throughout the con space.

Also see our community health recommendations.

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