ConGregate 9

July 14-16, 2023 | Downtown Marriott & The Embassy Suites | Winston-Salem, NC

COVID-19 Safety Rules

Last updated: 8/12/2022

Also see our community health recommendations.

COVID-19 Safety Rules *

As of now, we are not able to predict what precautions will be necessary in July of 2023. For now, we highly suggest getting vaccinated to help prevent hospitalization, wearing a mask to reduce transmission of the virus, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. 

Most of us are adults... please protect yourself.

* Under the definition provided by law, ConGregate is considered to be a private event. 

Some of the other safety precautions being taken:

  1. Contactless payment has been set up for at the door registration
  2. The ConSuite will have individually packaged items (no large bowls of chips)
  3. Using hand-sanitizer before picking up anything in the ConSuite, will help reduce transmission of various diseases. We will provide it; we ask that you use it.
  4. We will close down the ConSuite every few hours, for about 30 minutes, to clean and sanitize

artwork by John Grigni