ConGregate 6 (2019)

Convention Staff

Convention ChairmanJames Fulbright
Vice ChairmanAndrew Greeson
Programming DirectorTera Fulbright
  -Guest CoordinatorPam Greeson
  -Programming CoordinatorRichard Sarner
  -Programming CoordinatorAmy Masters
Operations DirectorAndrew Greeson
  -Accessibility CoordinatorRichard Sarner
Marketing DirectorWendell McCollom
Dir. of RegistrationCindy Walkers
ConSuite Director 
Hallway Table CoordinatorAmy Masters
Dealer Room CoordinatorBill Mann

ConGregate Productions

Board of Directors
Everette Beach (Chairman)
James Fulbright
Tera Fulbright
Laura Haywood-Cory
Paul Cory
James FulbrightPresident
Laura Haywood-CoryVice President
Tera FulbrightTreasurer
Tera FulbrightSecretary



Staff image