ConGregate 6 (2019)

Joey Starnes

Joey Starnes (aka the Giddy Geeker) founded the Charlotte Geeks in 2008, and started their annual charity event, The Geek Gala, in 2009. The gala benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in memory of her little sister, Christina who passed away in 2005. In 2014, she launched the Guardians of the Geekery podcast with her co-stars Matt Starneslord, Carol the Cat, and Tiffles Tennebaum. Joey is eager to point out that she does not claim to be an expert on all geekeries – she's just happy to help organize it!

Her main geekdoms include Doctor Who, Star Wars, All things Marvel, DC TV shows, board games, and occasionally playing the MMORPG Rift. She's mostly prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, but is always willing to give new technologies a consideration for her war chest. You can find her in all the places by starting at