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image of Chris Shrewsberry

Chris Shrewsbury

Chris has volunteered, paneled, guested, staffed, and been committee at literally dozens of cons along the east coast for 30+ years.

He’s a nationally certified sign language interpreter, working in entertainment, education, medical, and government settings.  Following Navy service he taught hearing and hearing-impaired students, pre-K through university.

Several years ago Chris developed neurological illness affecting strength, balance, and increasing pain, requiring wheelchair use, and resulting in several surgeries, including lower leg amputation.  He also experiences end stage kidney failure and receives dialysis treatments.  He’s a tireless disability advocate and encourager, especially within the convention community.  Still cosplaying, many costumes incorporate his disability, such as building a mobile TARDIS around his wheelchair, earning first prize in NC Comicon’s Doctor Who division.

A busy advocate for disability awareness and empowerment, public speaker, writer, comedian, and costume judge, he’s also Programming Co-Director (Conapalooza), Fandom & Geek Life Programming Director (ConCarolinas), Accessibility Director (RavenCon), Panelist (everywhere!), and creator of Accessibility Services at Animazement.  In 2020 he was honored to receive the inaugural Shrewsbury Award, given by ConCarolinas to one who exemplifies support and a positive attitude.

Chris’ sense of humor and love of all things geek make him a welcome addition to any convention.