ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

Convention Staff

Convention ChairmanJames Fulbright
Vice ChairmanAndrew Greeson
Programming DirectorTera Fulbright
  -Asst. Programming DirectorAmy Masters
  -Guest Coordinator 
Operations DirectorAndrew Greeson
  -Accessibility CoordinatorRichard Sarner
Marketing DirectorWendell McCollom
Dir. of RegistrationCindy Walker
ConSuite DirectorAaron Brite
  -Asst. ConSuite DirectorRichard Sarner
Hallway Table CoordinatorAmy Masters
Dealer Room CoordinatorBill Mann

ConGregate Productions

Board of Directors
Everette Beach (Chairman)
James Fulbright
Tera Fulbright
Laura Haywood-Cory
Paul Cory
James FulbrightPresident
Laura Haywood-CoryVice President
Tera FulbrightTreasurer
Tera FulbrightSecretary



Staff image